Memorial Trees & Tribute Benches

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Tribute Bench Overlooking Campus Lake
Faner Memorial Tree
Lake Path Tribute Bench
Julia Haug Memorial Tree
Boardwalk Tribute Bench by Campus Lake


A memorial tree is a living legacy, an investment that appreciates in size and beauty.  A gift of a memorial tree is profoundly thoughtful and enduring way of honoring and commemorating a graduate, alum, parent, retiring member of the university's faculty or staff, an organization or special event.  A tree tag attached to the tree gratefully acknowledges your gift and the honoree.  Your gift also provides for the tree's continued care and enriches the Southern Illinois University's educational resources.  Many different species are needed for different locations on campus.  Our Superintendent of Grounds will gladly assist you in your selection.

Memorial Tree Cost:  $500 to memorialize an existing tree or $1,000 to memorialize a new tree.  All new trees are guaranteed to be maintained and replaced for a period of ten years.

Memorial Tree Map:

Memorial Tree Map

"The greatest gift in life is to be remembered."     Ken Venturi

Tribute Bench Plaque:

Tribute Bench Bronze Plaque


We know that for many of our visitors, the Arboretum holds a special place in your lives.  At Southern Illinois University we want to play a part in many treasured memories.  Offering tribute benches is one way in which we hope to serve the significance of these memories.  In doing so, we keep these memories alive, celebrate the legacy of your loved one, and contribute to the remarkable community spirit of the Arboretum.  Tribute benches are amenities much appreciated by students, visitors and the entire community.  Tribute benches are constructed of stone and your gift includes a 6.5" X 8" bronze plaque commemorating your gift.  Tribute benches are a functional way to have your generosity acknowledged and enjoyed for years to come.

Tribute Bench Cost: $2,500 each to place a plaque on a current bench or $5,000 for a new bench.