Designated Tree Selection Tours

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Holly berries and leaves
Trees in front of Pulliam Hall
Tree in front of Student Center

Click on the links below to download a PDF map of each selection of trees.  Click HERE to access our campus tree inventory map.  Use the magnifying glass search tool on the map to access the Quick filters of each tree tour selections.  Use the layers tool to show or hide the other sites located on the map.

  • Southern: The Southern tree tour is focused primarily on trees that are native to Southern Illinois, although a few other interesting non-native trees may be included.  The tour begins at corner parking lot 11 and ends at parking lot 13A, including 16 trees and covering 1.3 miles.  Online Map  Printable PDF Map

  • Old Main: Old Main served the University from 1887 until the 1969 blaze. It was the replacement for Normal Hall, the first structure of what is now SIUC. Built in 1874 to house Southern Illinois Normal College, Normal Hall fell victim to a fire in 1883. The tour highlights older trees located near the area where Old Main once stood.  This tour begins and ends at parking lot 10B, including 27 trees and covering 1 mile.  Online Map  Printable PDF Map

  • Marberry:  William Marberry came to Carbondale in 1914.  He received a Bachelor of Education degree in 1935 from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in Horticulture and Floriculture.  He became an Assistant Professor of Botany at SIU in 1939, which was apparently his terminal rank.  In 1942, Mr. Marberry joined the Air Force to serve in World War II.  He was stationed in India, China and Burma.  While there, he acquired many plants, some of which he shipped home.  On his return flight home, he carried eighteen coffee cans full of seedlings. Among his collections at that time were several species of particular interest including oriental maples, pines and junipers.  He brought a Dauvrica Juniper from Shanghi, a Golden Bamboo from Handow, and several Oriental Scholar Trees (Sophora japonica) from the Forbidden City's Imperial Gardens in Peiking.  Mr. Marberry is best remembered for establishing an arboretum that today bears his name. The Marberry Arboretum actually dates back to 1939 when young William Marberry purchased a 25-acre tract about 2 miles south of Carbondale.  He later accepted two part-time jobs at Southern Illinois University.  One was a teaching position in the Botany Department.  The other, a campus-planting job with the Physical Plant.  Many outstanding trees currently on the SIU campus were planted by Mr. Marberry during this time, and this tour includes some of his collections.  The tour begins at Student Services Building and ends at the Faner Plaza, including 21 trees and covering 2.3 miles.  Online Map  Printable PDF Map

  • Saluki:  The Saluki tree tour is focused primarily on native and non-native flowering trees.  The tour begins at parking lot 7 by Pulliam Hall and ends at parking lot 7 by Woody Hall, including 23 trees and covering 1.6 miles.  Online Map  Printable PDF Map

  • Morris: The Teachers College Board elected Delyte Morris as the University’s leader in 1948.  In his 22 years at SIU, Morris built upon the rich, early history of the University, which he recognized was situated in the most disadvantaged, rural region of Illinois.  His foresight and leadership catapulted SIU into the ranks of major American universities.  The Morris tree tour highlighting trees planted around buildings built during the Morris era begins on Douglas Drive by parking lot 4 and ends at parking lot 4, including 34 trees and covering 1.7 miles.  Online Map  Printable PDF Map

  • Campus Lake: The Campus Lake tree tour is focused primarily on trees located around Campus Lake and surroundings which represent a varied collection of habitats rarely found so close to the heart of a university campus.  This selection highlights trees contribution to their ecosystem.  The tour begins at parking lot 37 and ends at the Becker Pavilion, including 28 trees and covering 2.2 miles.  Online Map  Printable PDF Map