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Experience the Joy of Giving

Your contributions help steward the Arboretum's mission of teaching, conservation, research, and recreation and public education.  Financial support is essential to help maintain, enhance and highlight the selections of trees to create and expand all that campus has to offer.

All of the Southern Illinois University property is available for teaching and research in environmental studies, the biological sciences and other academic programs.  Many different college courses utilize the Arboretum.  The Arboretum Advisory Committee has created a living learning laboratory that stimulates environmental awareness in students and the surrounding communities.

There are a variety of gift opportunities you may want to consider.  We would be delighted to discuss these and other possibilities.  Please explore the giving options listed here or contact us.

Membership levels are in the development phase.  Check back for updates.

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The real joy in life is not in what we get but in what we give.

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The Arboretum Advisory Committee strongly encourages donors to support operations and capital improvements through undesignated gifts to the Arboretum Activities Fund, affording the committee and Facilities and Energy Management the greatest flexibility in applying funds to projects of the greatest need.
  • Designated gifts are appropriate in some circumstances but should provide support for existing needs, plans, intentions, or programs.
  • Initial contact with the Arboretum Advisory Committee for information on or discussion of potential projects must be made through the Superintendent of Grounds Office, which also will coordinate project selection and gift arrangements. The Superintendent of Grounds will consult with Facilities staff to determine feasibility and for preparation of plans, designs, and cost estimates.
  • Donations for special projects should provide funding for the entire project, from planning to installation to maintenance, including the cost of professional consultation if required. Support of any kind that is to be provided must be approved, in advance, in consultation with the affected departments.
  • Many projects will be subject to review and comment by the Arboretum Advisory Committee, affected campus departments, the Grounds Department, Facilities and Energy Management, and Central Administration. 
  • The method and content of donor recognition is subject to approval of the Arboretum Advisory Committee in consultation with Facilities and Energy Management.
  • Facilities and Energy Management retains the right, subject to approval by Central Administration, to alter, relocate or remove any and all trees, plants or landscape objects as the future needs of Southern Illinois University may dictate.