Mission, Goals, and Objectives

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Fall leaves
Tree in front of Neckers Building
Fall leaves on path


The Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus engages the strengths of the academic mission of the university by providing a living laboratory for students, visitors and the local community to study in a natural and aesthetically pleasing environment.  The university Arboretum strives to provide a welcoming connection with the natural world, offering opportunities for teaching, research, conservation, public education and recreation. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Preserve and care for the trees currently inhabiting the campus landscape.
  • Preserve and expand the species diversity represented in the campus landscape.
  • Maintain a succession plan for campus trees.
  • Continue and improve the use of the campus as an arboretum for research, teaching and public education.
  • Celebrate trees through educational events within the campus arboretum.
  • Provide service-learning opportunities for campus constituents and the public.
  • Maintain documented academic collections over time.
  • Maintain records of all trees in the campus collection.