Pine, Loblolly

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This tree is one of the 150 trees initially included in the arboretum to coincide with the campus's 150th anniversary celebration.

Scientific Name:
Pinus taeda


Native to:
Southern New Jersey to Florida, eastern Texas and Oklahoma

Mature Height and Width:
60-90 feet by 40-50 feet

Additional Notes:
No tree species is more instrumental to economic growth of an American region than loblolly pine in the South.  “Pines in lines” (forest stands of nursery grown seedlings, most commonly of loblolly pine) are planted and harvested in two to three decade cycles and used for construction, packaging, and paper.  Carbondale is near the northern extent of the effective range for growing loblolly pine, but they are widely planted here and contribute to the semi-southern flavor of our area.